KKL – JNF has opened Nahal Hashofet to the public after a restoration and accessibility project totaling 25 million shekels

Nahal HaShofet, in Ramat Menashe Park, is one of the most sought-after and popular sites in the center of the country. Closed for extensive renovations following the flooding in 2020, it opened this week to the public. The new site has been upgraded and underwent a facelift totaling approximately 25 million shekels. As part of the renovation, KKL- JNF has constructed circular access paths, built bridges crossing the stream, and made the entire site accessible to people with disabilities.

KKL - JNF Chairman, Yiftah Ovadia Luski, said: "Nahal HaShofet is a special gem in the heart of the forest that attracts crowds of hikers."

Millions of visitors arrive to Nahal HaShofet in Ramat Menashe Park of KKL - JNF every year. The main characteristic of the area is human-planted forests and natural oak forests, open spaces, fields and orchards, springs, and flowing streams. In 2020, heavy rainfall and numerous floods in the area caused extensive damage to accessible roads and trails, as well as to the tables and wooden equipment on site. Shortly after, KKL - JNF began extensive work to renovate and upgrade the area. The work included restoration of the stream, accessibility enhancements, and safe nature accessibility, including for people with disabilities. In fact, the entire accessible trail was rebuilt, including directional arrangements, accessibility for people with disabilities, benches, viewpoints overlooking the stream, bridges, explanatory signage, and guidance, among others.

Nahal HaShofet Park serves as a recreational area for countless visitors and offers a variety of activities including picnic areas, walking trails, natural flower areas, water features, archaeology, and more. It serves as a model for cooperation between KKL - JNF and the Megiddo Regional Council. With its reopening, KKL - JNF notes that the park will be managed in a new format by the organization, with a management team overseeing visitor management and audience activities on site.

Yiftah Ovadia Luski, KKL - JNF Chairwoman, said: "This is one of the important projects carried out by KKL - JNF in recent years. Following the destruction, comprehensive restoration of the stream was required. As part of the accessibility trend of KKL - JNF sites, the restoration work focused on site accessibility. Nahal HaShofet is a special gem in the heart of the forest that attracts crowds of hikers. The restoration allows all Israelis to fully enjoy and experience at the stream. It's a beautiful green view in the Menashe area, and we are delighted to arrive at the moment of opening, especially with the arrival of spring at its peak. We invite the public to come, enjoy, and of course, preserve nature."