Oren? Shaked? Alon? A Special Tu BiShvat Project: KKL-JNF Reveals the Most Popular Name Among Israeli Citizens Named After Trees and Plants

How many men are called Oren? How many women are called Iris? What is the most popular name based on the world of nature?
In a special joint project with the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, KKL-JNF reveals the rarest and the most popular names among men and women in Israel since 1948 (the year of Israel's declaration of independence) – some names came from the bible, others are based on the unique color of scent of the plants, and several symbolize the Jewish presence in the country.
Among women, the most popular name is Tamar, after the palm tree, with 40,000 Israeli women. Among men, 23,641 are named Alon, after the oak tree, which has massive presence in the Israeli landscape.

The popular names in the survey for women include:

Name Number of people with the name since 1948
Alon (Oak)  23,641
Oren (Pine) 13,280
Illan (Tree) 12,967
Erez (Cedar) 9,561
Rotem (Retama) 5,836
Shaked (Almond) 4,356
Mor (Myrrh) 2,833
Dolev (Plane-tree) 2,317


Name Number of people with the name since 1948
Tamar (Palm) 39,930
Ella (Terebinth) 14,707
Hadas (Myrtle) 13,838
Rotem (Retama) 12,181
Ilana (Tree) 11,054
Iris 9,518
Shaked (Almond) 9,637
Mor (Myrrh) 9,022

Aharon Bar, Director of Pedagogy and Guidance in KKL-JNF: "Names from the world of nature, some of biblical origins, testify to our people's strong connection to their environment and their history. In fact, the holiday of Tu BiShvat came ahead of its time, since today we are aware of the great importance of tree-planting as part of the fight against the climate crisis. We are excited to celebrate the holiday this year, and wish all the Israeli citizens and forests a happy Tu BiShvat!"
 עץ אלון. צילום: יעקב שקולניק, ארכיון הצילומים של קק"ל
Oak Tree. Photograph: Ya'akov Shkolnik, KKL-JNF Photo Archive

פריחת השקד. צילום: מיכאל חורי, ארכיון הצילומים של קק"ל
Almond Tree Flowers. Photograph: Michael Hori, KKL-JNF Photo Archive