"Framing Your View": KKL-JNF's New Initiative

At one point or another, every traveler in the forests faces the tough question of where the best spot for landscape photography is. KKL-JNF decided to rise up to the challenge and resolve the matter once and for all.
Want to post a story from the forest in the social networks? KKL-JNF has set landscape frames in each area, allowing you to take "one pic from a great site". In addition, a selfie spot was also established in the Hula Lake, allowing visitors to upload a story with the butterflies at the Botanical Garden.
Shimona Sabag-Deri, Manager of Public Reception at the Northern Region in KKL-JNF: "the world of networks and net personalities keeps growing and to help from our side, we decided to establish these special frames and provide our perspectives at the unique forest landscapes. We invite everyone to come visit, see and take their photos – just don't forget to tag us! KKL-JNF will keep developing the forests for the public's benefit.

הצילום באדיבות קק"ל
Photograph: KKL-JNF