A Trip Down Memory Lane:

Back to School Archive Photos

Efrat Sinai, Director of Archives at KKL-JNF: "Sitting behind desks or on the floor, in the physics lab or in a sewing class, the children of Israel learned and expanded their horizons in a variety of fields all over the country. KKL-JNF's Photo Archive is proud to reveal nostalgic photos taken in Israel's classrooms, before and shortly after the establishment of the state. The importance of schools is also reflected in KKL-JNF's posters and stamps such as"Honor your teachers" series of KKL stamps from 1953 designed by top graphic designers, "The Shamir Brothers", who amongst others, ts designed the national emblem of the State of Israel. KKL-JNF Photo Archive holds many nostalgic treasures – both significant events and everyday-life moments from Eretz Israel, taken over 100 years ago. We at KKL-JNF would love for you to share your nostalgic photographed moments with us at efrats@kkl.org.il."