The Wonder Eagle Owl

An eagle owl (Israel's biggest nocturnal raptor) from the Golan Heights has arrived at the Hula Lake wildlife acclimatization center. The eagle owl was found at the side of a road, injured in its head and leg, by Chen Inbar, a guide at the lake. The eagle owl, which lost its eyesight as a result of its injury, no sees again thanks to the treatment it got in the center, and has been released back to nature.
The eagle owl was taken to a treatment in the lake's infirmary, and after being stabilized, began receiving treatment to reduce the brain edema that caused its blindness. After an eye examination revealed that the eagle eye's still function, a week's wait was needed to make sure that the pressure on the optical nerve has eased. After a week, the eagle owl could see again. It was released with its full vision restored.
Veterinarian Dr. Rhona Nadler Valensi, manager of the acclimatization center: "the eagle owl is an impressive nocturnal raptor. In this time of the season, as spring approaches, it is busy marking territories and mating. Unfortunately, we find many such predators hurt in the road. Remember that we share our world with the wildlife, and drive carefully during the night."
The acclimatization center was founded by KKL-JNF in collaboration with the Tel Hai College to provide care for wounded animals in the Golan and Galilee regions. The Hula Lake provides a central and critical habitat for wildlife and for hundreds of thousands of migrating and local birds.
If you came across a wounded wild animal, dial *3639 to the wildlife center, which will take the wounded animal to the lake.
Photograph: the acclimatization center staff
Photograph: the acclimatization center staff