Back to Nature: The Eagle Wounded in Lebanon and Healed in Israel Is About to Be Freed

Following an extensive treatment, a lesser spotted eagle found at the Hula Lake in October with gunshot wounds, is at the final stages of its recovery. After it was found, the eagle was quickly taken to the lake's infirmity, founded by KKL-JNF in collaboration with the Tel Hai College, where it was treated. The Eagle now practices flight before its release.
The eagle is now in its final stage of recovery. It was found last October by Itai Mizrahi, a staff member at the Wildlife Acclimatization Center in the lake, and was quickly taken to the Lake's
After a long treatment, which included a lengthy period of rest required for the fracture to heal, the eagle was taken to an acclimatization cage for flight and physiotherapy treatment. Now the eagle is in the final stage before release, when it goes through flight practice by the center's staff.
"The eagle still experiences difficulties in taking off because of its injuries, says veterinarian Dr. Rhona Nadler Valensi, head of the acclimatization center. We now concentrate in strengthening the flight muscles that weakened during the recovery. Birds of this kind are not used to stay for such a long period with no flight, and our actions come with a price. Success is finding the balance between helping and allowing natural activity, and this is where we aim. We hope the eagle will show signs of improvement and will be released in the spring.
The acclimatization center was founded by KKL-JNF in collaboration with the Tel Hai College to provide care for wounded animals in the Golan and Galilee regions. If you came across a wounded wild animal, dial *3639 to the wildlife center, which will take the wounded animal to the lake.

צילום: צוות מרכז האקלום
Photograph: the acclimatization center staff