Showing Their Love to the Environment: Kindergarten Children from Dimona Joined KKL-JNF Cleaning Operation

The children of Horshat Ha'Ecaliptus ("Eucalyptus Grove") kindergarten regularly come to play at the Ben Gurion Forest to play, learn about the trees and hold picnics. In celebration of Good Deeds Day, the children joined the KKL-JNF staff to clean the forest.

Oranit Ginat, KKL-JNF's community coordinator for the Negev and Arava regions: "Every year, we're glad to host the children of Horshat Ha'Ecaliptus kindergarten at the Ben Gurion Forest. It is heartwarming to see them show their love to the environment and take care of the forest. KKL-JNF will keep caring for the forests and their surroundings so that the public can keep enjoying them."