In Celebration of the International Nature Photography Day – 20 Beautiful Nature Photographs Caught in the Camera Lenses of KKL-JNF Workers

Incredible nature photographs by KKL-JNF workers are presented here in celebration of the International Nature Photography day.

This day, celebrated on June 15, was first announced in 2006 in order to promote preservation of nature sites, plants, animals and forests, especially with the growing threat of the climate crisis. To celebrate this day, we collected 20 selected nature photographs taken last year by KKL-JNF workers from all over Israel.

According to Amir Hermes, of KKL-JNF's Seed and Nurseries Department, "As part of my job in KKL-JNF, I never cease being amazed by the beauty of nature. Nature Photography Day is our chance to make the public see what we see every day, and more importantly – deliver the message about the importance of this beautiful Israeli nature and the Israeli biosphere.