Studying Sustainability: Hundreds of Orthodox Children Had Fun Participating in a “Forest Adventure”

As a part of its summer activities for children, KKL-JNF holds special activities in community forests nearby Jewish Orthodox neighborhoods, aiming at getting the children closer to nature and to KKL-JNF's values, and turn them into forest ambassadors.

Hundreds of children, currently in their "Bein Hazmanim" vacation, enjoy a variety of attraction as part of the "Forest Adventure" activities that include professional guidance by veteran KKL-JNF staff, lessons about the importance of preserving the forests, the creation of green lungs and the prevention of fires, KKL-JNF's activities in protecting the environment and the importance of protecting the forest during the Shmita year.

As part of the program, children who participated in the activities were divided into several leadership groups. The guides taught the young ambassadors about importance of forest protection. At the end of the day, hundreds of children took part in a fascinating oil lamps' tour between the trees, which included knowledgeable explanations about sustainability in light of Jewish Halacha, and the creation of the world in six days.

The community forest is itself is og great importance. It is the infrastructure for initiatives and activities that enrich community life. KKL-JNF develops the forest infrastructure according to the needs defined by residents and the local municipality. This way, community forests are added with hiking, jogging and cycling tracks, picnic parking spots, birdwatching stations, heritage and travel sites. Community forests are also used for events and meeting that are open to all local residents.

According to Sar-Shalom Jerbi, Director of KKL-JNF's Education and Community Division, "The goal of the Forest Ambassadors program is to bring the boys and girls from the Jewish Orthodox community closer to the forest and teach them about the forest and its importance, in order to strengthen their feeling of personal responsibility towards the forest, turning them into ambassadors and protectors of the forest among their communities."

Eli Yadid, Director of Crowd Reception at KKL-JNF, added that "We are glad to hold tours and workshops for Israeli boys and girls, in addition to thousands of travelers and families each month at the recreational spots all over the country. Turning the young pupils into ambassadors of protecting the forests is a welcome initiative."

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