A New Playground for Children With Special Needs Has Opened in Qiryat Mal'akhi

The first playground of its kind in the area has opened at the Ben Gurion Boulevard in the city. The opening ceremony was attended by donor Mary Ellen Herman, who was impressed with the beauty of the new playground. Everyone present were touched by mother Esther Adrei personal story.

The playground was built with a 2 million ILS budget as part of a collaboration with KKL-JNF.
Mary Ellen Herman, the chief donorto the establishment of the playground came to the ceremony from Canada with her three grandchildren. She chose to donate to the establishment of the playground in the memory of her daughter who passed away at the age of 10, understanding that she could not have enjoyed this kind of a playground in Canada. "I come from Toronto, a city with millions of citizens and three playgrounds for children with special needs, but none is as beautiful as the one that you have built here." During the ceremony, Herman was given a Menorah as a sign of appreciation for the light she brought to the lives of children with special needs.

Esther Adrei, a mother of a girl with visual impairment who was present in the ceremony, moved everyone present in the ceremony with her daughter's story: "In this small town of Qiryat Mal'akhi there is a small baby named Hannah, a wonderful small girl, who spent days in the hospital until the doctors discovered that she is blind and needs a miracle to get well. Following the diagnosis, her family looked for a safe place where she can play. They found this attractive playground where they meet other children and parents who understand their special needs. That precious little child is mine."

In the past few years, Qiryat Mal'akhi saw many initiatives aimed at supporting people with special needs, including a special daycare built in collaboration with the "Gazit Globe" company and its president Chaim Katzman, acoustic adaptation of school classrooms for the hearing impaired, addition of mixed classed, making pavements accessible, opening 10 (!) kindergartens for children with special needs, building the Tzamid Center for children with special needs and more.

KKL-JNF Chairman Avraham Duvdevani: "KKL-JNF is hard at work to make parks and forests accessible for people with special needs. We are happy to open an accessible playground here in Qiryat Mal'akhi, so that everyone can enjoy it."

Qiryat Mal'akhi Mayor, Eliyahu Zohar: "Qiryat Mal'akhi is proud to be the first place in the area where a playground for children with special needs has been built. I thank KKL-JNF Chairman Avraham Duvdevani for collaborating on many projects in the town and Mary Ellen for her donation. The issue of special needs is a top priority in Qiryat Mal'akhi, and we see the results."