Israeli Children's Summer Vacations Before the Age of the Smartphone

In the absence of smartphones, tablets and even television, Israeli children spent their summer vacations playing, travelling, reading, and working in the orchards. .
Photograph: Lazar Dinar, KKL-JNF Photo Archive

The KKL-JNF Photo Archive reveals nostalgic pictures of summer activities of Israeli children before and shortly after the country's declaration of independence. The photographs show how children spent their time, and evoke nostalgic feelings to times when everyday life were a simpler and more innocent affair

Screen time? Long before anyone ever thought of "Candy Crush", or even of children's television, there was a lot for Israeli children to do in their summer vacation – play ball, read a book, or just passing the time with their friends. The KKL-JNF archive reveals beautiful photographs that show how children in the early days of the state of Israel spent their summer vacation.

According to Efart Sini, manager of the KKL-JNF Photo Archive, "Since its establishment 120 years ago, KKL-JNF has documented historical moments alongside everyday moments. The summer vacation is a wonderful opportunity to remind children that they can have fun without holding a smartphone, and the photographs testify to this fact."