First KKL-JNF House for Youth to be Established in Upper Nazareth

Monday, August 07, 2017 10:41 AM

Friends of KKL France donate 1.5 million shekels for the KKL-JNF House, which will be the first of several around the country.

KKL-JNF House, which will become an academic and social empowerment center for children and youth, will be built thanks to the support of Friends of KKL France, who have contributed 1.5 million shekels for this endeavor.
The primary purpose of the new KKL-JNF House will be to strengthen the youth of Upper Nazareth and encourage them to achieve big both academically and socially.  The center will be located next to the Rasco Center.
The extensive renovation work has already began and will be completed by December 2017, at the end of which the new KKL-JNF house will be opened. It will be both accessible and interactive, and adapted to the needs of the city's youth.
For the past 20 years, Friends of KKL France have been making the annual trip to Israel in order to participate in the Walk for Water, where they spend four days walking and hiking in a different part of the country in order to strengthen their connection and solidarity with the State of Israel.
At the festive meal held at the end of the Walk for Water this year, KKL France representatives presented KKL-JNF World Chairman Danny Atar with a NIS 1.5 million cheque for the establishment of the first KKL-JNF House in Nazareth Illit. In his thank-you speech, Atar said to KKL France Friends:
"I have heard about your physical fitness on the Walk for Water, and as a former commander in the [elite combat] Golani Brigade, I am adding you to the squad! I appreciate and cherish your labor of love for the country and your generous contribution to Upper Nazareth."