Overnight Camping Sites

General Information

The following are a number of suggestions for visits to KKL-JNF recreation areas throughout Israel where you can save money by using the overnight camping facilities.

Please note:
Groups wishing to spend the night must coordinate their visit ahead of time. To book an overnight stay and for further information please call the Forest Hotline 10 days in advance of the date you want to book for. The number is 1-800-350-550.

General information:

Keeping the site clean: Please bring large garbage bags with you from home, place all your rubbish in them, and close and seal them tightly. When your stay at the site is over, we recommend that you take your rubbish home with you; if you leave it at the site, wild animals may come along and scatter it all over the countryside. If you can’t take your rubbish home, please leave it only in the areas designated for the purpose. If there’s no room in the garbage cans at the recreation site, please tie the bags tightly and place them beside the can. Do not hang them on the trees!

If you are spending the night at a recreation area please note that there is no lighting in the forest, nor are there any guards or other security arrangements. Not all recreation areas are equipped with toilets and running water.

Lighting fires: As forest fires are an ever present danger, please light fires only in the designated areas. Some recreation sites have special areas that are equipped with barbeques.

Sites in Northern Israel

Ein Zivan
An overnight camping and memorial site at northern Golan Heights, with natural shading.
On the site: parking lot approved for overnight camping, picnic tables, camping spaces and drinking water tap. The site contains a memorial for the 179th regiment.
Nearby sites: Golan Trail, right next to the parking lot. Bental Forest - which provides an impressive view of Syria.
Location: in front of the Kibbutz Zivan  entrance.
Group registration: meitalk@kkl.org.il
Ha'Alot Overnight Camping Site - Naftali Mountains Forest
West of the Yesha Fortress, in the heart of the Kadesh Valley is an area of grapevines and plantations.
On the site: parking lot approved for overnight camping under impressively large trees, picnic tables (some accessible), camping spaces and drinking water.
Nearby sites: the Reut Museum, Tel Kadesh, Malchia Birdwatching site, Nekikei-Yiftach canyon.
Location: road 899, about 200 meters west of the turn to Yiftach.
Group registration: meitalk@kkl.org.il
Palsar 7 Overnight Camping Site
Parking lot approved for overnight camping and a memorial site at northern Golan Heights, near Bukata'a.
On the site: picnic tables and wind-protected camping spaces. The impressive memorial is located in the area where Patrol Company 7 (Palsar 7) participated in a heroic battle.
Nearby sites: Golan Trail, right next to the parking lot, Ram Pool, a view from the top of Odem Mountain.
Location: 1.2 kilometers north of the entrance to Kibbutz Elrom, in the west side of Rode 89. 
Group registration: MaayanBN@kkl.org.il.

Daliot Overnight Camping Site
A large, well-maintained parking lot approved for overnight camping next to Daliot River, close to the Gamla Reserve.
On the site: many picnic tables and barbeque spots. The overnight parking lot is shaded by pine trees, and includes camping spaces.
Nearby sites: Daliot River, Gamla Reserve, Ghostwheel (accessible on foot or with a vehicle).
Location: 700 meters west of Daliot Junction (Road 869).
Group registration: meitalk@kkl.org.il  
Lea and Itzhak Rabin Overnight Camping Site, Bar'am Forest
The site is in the Bar'am Forest at the Upper Galilee on the slopes leading to the Dishon River.
On the site: many picnic tables and drinking water.
Nearby sites: Bar'am Forest, the Bar'am Ancient Synagogue National Park.
Location: from the Hiram Junction near Sasa drive east on the North Road (road 899). After two kilometers, turn right in the junction, and after an additional 1.5 kilometers, a dirt track will take you right to the site.
Group registration: meitalk@kkl.org.il
Biriya Fortress Overnight Camping Site
A large overnight camping site at the Biriya Forest, next to Safed.
On the site: picnic tables (some accessible), toilet, drinking water, accessible trails.
On the site: the Biriya Fortress heritage site, historical burial and religious sites, the 37th Division Memorial Site, walking and cycling trails.
Location: in front of the main access to Safed (road 8900) a road leads to the forest. Drive around 1.6 kilometers, and reach the fortress.
Group registration: meitalk@kkl.org.il
Fortress tour registration: MaayanBN@kkl.org.il
Avinadav Mountain Overnight Camping Site
The site is located at the eastern Gilboa, offering a view of Beit-She'an Valley, Harod Valley, the Gil'ad and the Golan. Even beteer view is offered by the Dubi and Earn Shamir Overlook nearby.
On the site: picnic tables, wooden roofs, olive trees.
Nearby sites: Nof Gilboa Road (accessible to vehicles only), Har Sha'ul Overlook, Disappearing Valley Trail, River Valley trail.
Location: drive through the Nof Gilboa Road, about a single kilometer north to the entrance to Kibbutz Meirav.
Group registration: MaayanBN@kkl.org.il
Switzerland Forest Overnight Camping Site
The camping site is at Switzerland Forest, near the Kal Lotz birdwatching site, which provides a stunning view of the Sea of the Galilee and the Golan Heights.
On the site: overnight camping spots, picnic tables, drinking water, secured spots for bonfires.
Nearby sites: the Switzerland Forest landscape road, Israel Trail, Ein Poria, Tiberias sites, cycling tracks.
Location: on the dirt road south of the square in Sderot Sapir in Tiberias, drive 1.2 kilometers to reach the site.
Group registration: MaayanBN@kkl.org.il
Har Dvora Overnight Camping Site
This is a camping site and a memorial site at the top of Mount Dvora, in a forest of pine trees and other trees. The site contains picnic tables and secured spots for bonfires. A monument in the site is dedicated to the silver wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth of England and her husband Prince Philip.
Nearby sites: the Israel trail, the Beit-Keshet landscape road, Tavor Mountain, Alonei Tavor Forest, Beit Keshet Forest cycling track.
Location: at the edge of Derekh Ha'galil street in Nazereth-Illit, enter the Beit-Keshet landscape road. Drive about 4 kilometers through the forest and you'll reach the dirt road that reaches the mountain.
Group registration: MaayanBN@kkl.org.il
Boyscouts Camp in Tzipori
A large camping site, suitable for large groups, west of Sade center and KKL-JNF's Tzipori forest.
On the site: overnight sleeping spots, with no additional infrastructure.
Nearby sites: Shimshit Trail (short and accessible), Tzipori River Trail, Tzipori National Park, cycling tracks.
Group registration: MaayanBN@kkl.org.il
Note: during the summer, the site is reserved for boyscouts activity. Throughout the rest of the year, it can reserved for overnight stay.
Goren Park
The site is at the top of a cliff overlooking the northern bank of Kziv River. It offers an incredible view of the River Kziv Reserve and the Western Galilee. In front of the park is the Monfort Fortress from the crusades.
The park offers five overnight camping spots: Alon, Ela, Klil-Hahoresh, Ktalav and Oren.
Nearby sites: Monfort Fortress and birdwatching site, park and Kziv River trails, and the Tamir and Adamit Park trails.
Group registration: irits@kkl.org.il
Note: restrooms in the park are closed until further notice. Overnight campers are reuqired to book mobile restrooms (available in the park).
Youth Movements' Camp at Hof Carmel Forest (Ofer Forest)
The forest covers the western slopes of the Carmel Montain, between the Meir Shfaya youth village in the south and the Caves River in the north. The slopes overlook an amazing view of the Carmel Beach.
On the site: camping site for youth movements.
Group registration: irits@kkl.org.il
Henton Overnight Camping Site
A site of overnight camping and activity.
On the site: sleeping spots.
Nearby sites: Har Atzmon walking trails, Tzipori National Park, Tel Henton, Tzipri Forest Lanscape Road.
Location: north-east of Henton.
Group registration: irits@kkl.org.il
Note: groups are required to book mobile restrooms.

Sites in Central Israel

Ben Shemen Forest: This is the Dan region’s green belt, and it is full of footpaths, cycle trails, attractive picnic sites, playground equipment, environmental sculptures, restful spots to sit in, burial caves dating back to the time of the Maccabees and routes for all-terrain vehicles. All this makes it a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Entrance is from Route 443: take the turnoff towards Mitzpeh Modiin.

Overnight camping must be arranged in advance with the KKL-JNF office in Beit Nehamiya, which is in charge of the Shfela and coastal region: 03-9728518, 03-9728507.

Begin Park and the Bar Giora recreation area: Lofty hills crowned with pine trees and Mediterranean woodland tower above the meandering gullies that carve their way through the untamed landscape. Near the entrance to the forest, adjacent to Moshav Bar Giora (on Route 386, beside kilometer marker 15), you will find a recreation area equipped with picnic tables, barbeque facilities and faucets.

Overnight camping must be arranged in advance with the KKL-JNF office in Eshtaol, which is in charge of the Jerusalem region: 02-9969213.

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Sites in Southern Israel

HaRo‘ah (“The Shepherdess”) recreation area: Established by KKL-JNF in 1957, this spot offers both a departure point for excursions and a place to picnic between visits to the numerous local attractions. The recreation area, which is situated in a shady tamarisk grove just off the main highway (Route 40) opposite the entrance to Sde Boker, is equipped with picnic tables and running water. It is named after the shepherdess (HaRo‘ah) Barbara Proper, one of the first settlers at Sde Boker, who was murdered by Bedouin near the grove in 1952.

Overnight camping must be arranged in advance with the KKL-JNF office in Beersheva, which is in charge of the Negev and the Arava: 08-6232343

The Angels’ Forest (Ya‘ar HaMalachim) – Shahariya: Turn eastwards from Plugot Junction and head towards Beit Guvrin Junction. Just after you pass Moshav Sde Moshe, turn left towards Ya‘ar HaMalachim. The site is equipped with both standard and biological toilets, and there are faucets.

Overnight camping must be arranged in advance with the KKL-JNF office in Beersheva, which is in charge of the Negev and the Arava: 08-6232343

Beerotayim recreation area: From Nitzana turn in the direction of Azuz Beerotayim. The site is equipped with faucets and standard toilets.

Overnight camping must be arranged in advance with the KKL-JNF office in Beersheva, which is in charge of the Negev and the Arava: 08-6232343

Sapir Park: The lake is surrounded by lawns, reeds, date palms, the baobab trees that the Little Prince loved so much and seating areas enveloped in bougainvillea. Ducks swim on the lake. Facilities include picnic tables and biological toilets, all free of charge. The park is situated on the Arava Highway (Route 90) between Moshav Ein Yahav and Moshav Tzofar.

Overnight camping must be arranged in advance with the KKL-JNF office in Beersheva, which is in charge of the Negev and the Arava: 08-6232343