Klezmer Festival, Safed

AUGUST: Annual Klezmer Festival in the Old Jewish Quarter and Artists Quarter, Safed

The 2017 Klezmer Festival in Safed marks its 30th anniversary.

Over three song-filled nights in August, the streets, squares and alleyways of the old city of Safed feature free musical performances, featuring traditional Klezmer music. The Klezmer Festival invites everyone to enjoy the music, young and old. There are also free musical instrument workshops, magic shows and storytelling for kids, as well as special musical tours with KKL-JNF; including hikes with Klezmer music in the Biriya Forest. Musical performances begin at 9 PM and continue until about midnight.

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For more information, contact the KKL-JNF Forest Hotline (Israel only): 1-800-350-550