Tivon Ring Cycling Route

The Tivon Ring Route and Single is a cycling route that passes through groves of ancient oaks, natural woodlands, and forests that were planted over the years around Tivon. The route, which was created on the initiative of KKL-JNF and the Tivon Municipality, tracks the line between the town and the open spaces and forest.

Geographic location: Sea of Galilee, the valleys and lower Galilee
Track type: 2
Target audience: All
Season: All


Photo: Micha Solko, KKL-JNF Jerusalem

Tour information

There are eight entrances along the route, which allow the residents of Tivon to access the route near their homes. Part of the route includes extant forest roads, and the new single connects them. Hikers and cyclers become part of the process of protecting the forest and nature. They can identify fires, alert others about them and participate in the management of the open spaces.