About the KKL-JNF Youth and Education Department

About the KKL-JNF Youth and Education Department

Zionist education is an integral part of KKL-JNF's work. The KKL-JNF Youth and Education Division works to instill a deep and lasting relationship between the Jewish People and Israel’s landscapes, nature and heritage.

KKL-JNF's Educational Vision

Growing the generation of tomorrow's leaders

KKL-JNF will lead and strengthen the connection between the People and its Land through values-based education and fostering practical leadership in Israel and abroad.

To be a professional system that develops and instills educational content and values, leading and raising the generation of tomorrow's leadership to strengthen the connection between the People and the Land.

Educational challenge:
Educating for leadership that truly achieves - practical Zionism

Film: KKL-JNF Educational Activities

Green Window Website for Kids

Green Window is the KKL JNF ecological website for children and youth. Green Window (currently in Hebrew only) is a fun, user-friendly online educational tool for kids (age 9 to 16) on everything KKL-JNF: nature, environmental protection, special projects, and information on ongoing tours and events.

Green Window is a fascinating online world of information on KKL-JNF, Zionism and Ecology. The website is comprised of information sections dealing with forest management, water technology and environmental protection, and interactive sections, which features fun games, forums and other online tools.

The site is constantly updated, and popular features include educational flashcard games, a photo gallery, a video gallery, a monthly green suggestion corner and more. Surfers can respond to articles and ideas, and send in their own green tips.

It is our goal that the Green Window site will become a vibrant online community, a fun home where children and youth can read about the history and environment of Israel, give voice on different ideas to KKL-JNF and the general public, and spread the news about KKL-JNF's activities in Israel to their friends and family.

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Contact, Info & Orders

KKL JNF Youth and Education Department Offices in Israel:

Northern Israel

Tel: 04-8470237
Fax: 04-8470238
Email: shirlyb@kkl.org.il


Tel: 02-6583309
Fax: 02-6583339
Email: meravn@kkl.org.il

Central Israel

Tel: 03-5261153
Fax: 03-5261183
Email: avivan@kkl.org.il

Southern Israel

Tel: 08-9986188/03-5261179
Fax: 08-9986131/03-5261183
Email: hagito@kkl.org.il, vickyr@kkl.org.il

KKL-JNF Forest Hotline: 1-800-350-550