The Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center

The Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center

The Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center is located in the heart of a green forest. The compound is secure and fenced in, and it is located right next to the community of Nes Harim, which is a short drive from Jerusalem.

About the Center

Among the trees, flowers and paved trails, you will find five well equipped classrooms. The classrooms, which serve as an education and training center, is a part of KKL-JNF's many educational projects in Nes Harim.

Near the class and lecture rooms are wood cabins that are used for lodging accommodations and partial or full board. The green surroundings and the tranquility of the forest make the Nes Harim Center a beautiful place with a unique character—a place with fresh air and a special atmosphere that invites people to think out of the box, to get away from the noise of the city and be in a different environment.
Come and breathe the clear forest air, take a walk in the fields, and enjoy the pleasant hospitality and a special experience.

Classrooms and Lecture Rooms

At the Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center, there are 5 classrooms of different sizes, each one suitable for 25 to 50 participants. The seating arrangement in each of the classrooms may be specially arranged according to the needs of your seminar or course—from a frontal lecture arrangement to small groups, a circle format and other possibilities.
A classroom/conference room at the Nes Harim Center. Photo: Yaniv Schwartz
Each of the classrooms at the Center for Education and Training is equipped with a complete package of multimedia facilities:
  • Erasable whiteoard
  • Projector (Barco) with computer connection
  • Retractable viewing screen
  • Speaker podium
  • Wireless Interne
  • Speakers
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric outlets for laptops

The computer classroom at the Center is equipped with 14 computer terminals suitable for individual seating or for small groups. The podium allows a speaker to control all the terminals in the room and to give examples of programs or presentations together with individual work. All the terminals are connected to the Internet.
In the Arbutus Classroom, which is suitable for up to 50 participants, there is a smartscreen that is suitable for smart screening, for use as a touchscreen computer and additional operating possibilities, which can be suited to personal needs. This is a multipurpose classroom and it is also used as the synagogue of the complex.

Smart-board in classroom at Nes Harim. Photo: Yaniv Schwartz
Forest Classrooms

The forest and its tranquil environment around the Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center also allows for holding lectures, workshops and other activities outside the classrooms. The “forest classrooms”, which provide shaded and comfortable seating under the forest trees even while studying outdoors, are to be found at different locations throughout the Field and Forest Education Center and provide interesting and enjoyable study settings.
Outdoor classroom in Nes Harim. Photo: Yaniv Schwartz

Accommodation Options

The Nes Harim Field and Forest Educational Center is secure, guarded and fenced in, and has 48 wood cabins that are located among the trees. Each cabin has room for 6 people and is equipped with a shower, private lavatory and air conditioning.

A visit to the Nes Harim FFEC may be combined with lodging and full or partial board.

The unique location of the Center allows for combining conferences with personally planned guided tours in the vicinity, by car or on foot. Programs and a selection of activities are available.

There is plenty of free parking available for guests at the Center.
Bunk beds in Nes Harim. Photo: Flash 90

Refreshments and Meals

Visitors at the Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center are provided with different options for refreshments and menus. Among other things, you can order a buffet with coffee, tea and fresh baked goods, a selection of sandwiches or fruits and vegetables. The food is served next to the classrooms, during the tours in the vicinity or in the dining hall.
The fare is kosher.
Photos: KKL-JNF Photo Archive

Directions and Map

Instructions for driving to the Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center:

From Jerusalem:
From Ein Kerem, turn toward Tzur Hadassah at the Kerem Junction and continue on Highway 386. At Nes Harim Junction, turn right toward the Stalactite Cave and Beit Shemesh on Highway 3866. Around 1.5 km after the entrance to Moshav Nes Harim, turn left and follow the signs to the Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center.

From Tel Aviv:
Turn off the Tel Aviv – Jerusalem Highway toward Beit Shemesh at the Shaar Hagai Interchange, or continue to the Harel Interchange. From there, exit toward Sataf on Highway 3965 and then turn towards Ein Kerem on Highway 395. At Kerem Junction, turn toward Tzur Hadassah and proceed on Highway 396 until Nes Harim Junction. Drive towards Beit Shemesh and the Stalactite Cave, and continue on Highway 3866 until the entrance to the Field and Forest Education Center, which is about 1.5 km after the entrance to Moshav Nes Harim.

From Beit Shemesh:
Drive toward Jerusalem on Highway 3866 and turn right according to the signs for the Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center.

From Southern Israel:
Drive toward Beit Shemesh either via the Shaar Hagai Interchange or Highway 38. Then drive towards Jerusalem on Highway 3866 until the sign for the turn to the Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center.

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For information on fees, dates of availability and additional services for guests, contact:

  • Kav LaYaar, KKL-JNF's information hotline: 1-800-350-550
  • Noga: +972-2-633-0356

Or contact via email