Youth and Education

Youth and Education

A well tended sapling grows into a tall, strong tree. A child who is nurtured and inspired to love Israel and to care for it will grow into strong, upstanding citizens with a strong sense of identity. This is what the KKL-JNF Youth and Education Division is about - nurturing the next generation so that they can in turn love and nurture Israel, their heritage.
  • About the Education and Community Division and its Overseas Dept.

    The KKL-JNF Youth and Education Division works to instill a deep and lasting relationship between the Jewish People and Israel’s landscapes, nature and heritage.

  • KKL-JNF Field and Forest Education Centers

    KKL-JNF Field and Forest Education Centers are situated in the forest. FFEC's welcome visitors to an educational experience that combines environmental values alongside Eco-Zionism and love for the land of Israel.

  • Maof: A Vision to Reach New Heights

    Maof - the Hebrew word for vision, courage and imagination - is the name of KKL-JNF's innovative informal education program for youth in Israel's outlying communities.

  • KKL-JNF Heritage Centers

    KKL-JNF Heritage Centers will impact the lives of youth in Israel’s outlying communities by providing them with an engaging learning hub and inviting "second home".

  • The Educational Minibus

    The Educational Minibus offers a wide variety of activities related to environment, nature, history and Zionism, combined with games and different learning materials.

  • ODT

    Bringing together Zionism, nature, history, ecology and environment while teaching collaboration, teamwork, leadership, and knowledge.

  • Class Activities - Ideas and Tips from KKL-JNF

    The KKL-JNF Education and Youth Department offers a variety of online class activities releated to holidays, envrionment, Zionism, and KKL-JNF activities.

  • Zionism

    Learn how the story of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund is also the story of the state of Israel.