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In honor of Tu B'Shvat, KKL-JNF has launched a campaign to plant 100,000 trees in southern Israel to help rehabilitate burnt forests and create a green shield against attacks from Gaza.


Looking Towards the Future, Planting Green Today has now been extended to February 25, due to popular demand! This is an opportunity to donate trees for only NIS 18 each instead of the regular price of 36 NIS. In return, you will receive a personalized digital certificate that you can dedicate to someone special.
What a great way to fight climate change without getting muddy feet!
Join us – the trees that KKL-JNF will plant on your behalf are a powerful statement for nature conservation and environmental restoration as the path to a greener and healthier future.  Together, we will make the world a better place!
Wow – only 18 NIS per tree? I want to plant more!
You got it! Givers of 100-999 trees will receive a printed certificate of appreciation and an inscription in the KKL-JNF Books of Honor.  
Want to plant big?
Donations of 1000 trees or more allow you to dedicate a grove to someone special. This promotion offers a rare opportunity to donate a grove for only NIS 18,000 as opposed to NIS 32,000. Get your family and friends together to plant a grove in the name of a chosen cause.  
Your donation will earn you a recognition plaque at the relevant forest’s Appreciation Center, as well as an inscription in the KKL-JNF Books of Honor.  
OK, let’s do this. What now?
Click, donate, and we will take care of the rest:

click to plant

Already donated? Share the love!
Once we’re done cleaning the mud off our boots, we will send you a beautifully designed ecological certificate (by email, of course) that you can share with friends on social media platforms and get the word out on our campaign!

It’s official: Trees are the antidote to climate change

The climate crisis and global warming are the greatest threat to our future. The consequences of climate change are unfolding before our eyes: Extreme temperatures, desertification, decreased soil fertility, droughts, floods and wildfires are occurring with increasing frequency. All of the above exact a human cost of poverty, hunger, displacement, war, and a growing refugee crisis.
This domino effect has environmental, social, economic and health implications. Time is running out. We must all be prepared to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment.