From Sweden with Love: Purim Gifts (Mishloah Manot) Donated by KKL Sweden Distributed by Volunteers throughout Israel

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 10:00 AM

The many lockdowns that Israel has experienced due to the Corona pandemic left many families without a source of livelihood. Donors from KKL Sweden initiated a campaign with the goal of making the upcoming Purim holiday happier and sweeter for many families. Thanks to their contribution, about 2,000 Purim baskets were distributed in a number of communities throughout Israel.

Photo: Michael Huri, KKL-JNF Photo Archive
(Photo: Michael Huri, KKL-JNF Photo Archive)
During the week before Purim, the KKL-JNF Education and Community Division organized an educational and volunteer-based initiative, during which about 2,000 Purim gifts baskets were distributed to families from dozens of communities throughout Israel that are part of an educational project of the KKL-JNF Education and Community Division.

This initiative took place thanks to a donation from friends of KKL-JNF from Sweden. The Purim gifts were distributed by various volunteers from local authorities, including cadets from pre-military academies, youth movement and organizations members, scouting group trainees, student villages, participants in the Masa project, KKL-JNF employees, and more.

The delivery of the Purim baskets by volunteers was accompanied by an educational and value-oriented network that included, among others, discussion circles on the subject of shared responsibility, with the goal of emphasizing the value of volunteering in the community and the importance of helping weaker segments of society.

Sar Shalom Jerbi, Director of the KKL-JNF Education and Community Division: "There is no better time than the Purim holiday for expressing the value of shared responsibility, which is expressed by Purim gifts being exchanged and by gifts to the underprivileged specifically as part of the joyous holiday celebrations. I would therefore like to thank KKL Sweden for their contribution towards strengthening these important values during this happy time. I very much hope that with God's help, we will soon emerge from sadness to joy and from the global medical crisis that has caused so much damage to many communities and families in Israel and abroad. May we soon experience light, joy, gladness and honor."