"For the forest" - Volunteering to clean the forests and the parks

When: 6.6.2021 08:00
Site name: Birya Forest, Ben Shemen Forest & Ran Grove in the Arad/Yatir Forest Park
Start time: 08:00
End time: 14:00
Duration: 6 hours

Combining volunteer work to clean the forests with fun activities.

KKL- JNF invites organized groups of employees, soldiers and others to help us protect the environment and clean up the forests and parks. Equipped with gloves to protect our hands and special garbage bags, we will clean the forest paths and parks together.

We offer the option of combining this volunteer work with a guided tour of the forest, an educational mobile-phone-based escape room -navigation game on environmental protection downloaded from the  'HavaYaar' app or a creative game using the "Escape Box".

Northern Israel: Birya Forest
Central Israel: Ben Shemen Forest
Southern Israel: Ran Grove in the Arad/Yatir Forest Park
Please register in advance by phone 1-800-350-550 or online at salkkl.kkl.org.il