"Animal Spirit" Exhibition at Hula Lake Park, KKL-JNF Visitor Center

When: On 15.4.2021 till 5.6.2021
Audience: Evreyone
Site name: Hula Lake Park
Pay: Free

April 15-June 05, 2021 | During opening hours of Hula Lake Park
The exhibit of stunning photos at the Hula Lake Park Visitor Center tells the stories of injured animals who received treatment at the Hula Lake's Wildlife Acclimation Center.

The encounter between man and nature poses special challenges for wildlife. Factors such as loss of habitats and sources of food due to the incursion of construction, fences, and roads; large-scale agriculture and the use of pesticides; power lines; hunting; and air and noise pollution are among the threats to wildlife.

The exhibition, titled "Animal Spirit", documents the work of the veterinary clinic and acclimation center for injured wildlife in the heart of the Hula Valley, a project made possible by JNF USA.

The exhibition was produced by the KKL-JNF Photo Archive in Jerusalem, which houses more than 1,500,000 photographs, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.
The exhibition is open from mid-April to June 5, 2021, During opening hours of Hula Lake Park.
For more information visit the Hula Lake website (Hebrew only): https://agamon-hula.co.il/
Admission to the exhibition is free, though there is an entrance fee to Hula Lake Park and Visitors Center.

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