Celebrating Jerusalem Day with KKL-JNF

Tuesday, May 04, 2021 10:00 AM

In honor of Jerusalem, KKL-JNF invites the general public to guided tours of Jerusalem's beautiful streets and educational activities, free of charge, including discussion circles, musical activities and drummers' circles.

The National Institutions Plaza, Jerusalem. (Photo: Yossi zamir, KKL-JNF Photo Archive)
This year, Jerusalem Day falls on May 10, when the 54th anniversary of the city's liberation will be celebrated. In honor of this occasion, KKL-JNF invites the general public to enjoy a variety of activities for the entire family, including: discussion circles in the National Institutions plaza on the topic of Jerusalem and Zionism in 2021 led by KKL-JNF guides, musical activities and drummers' circles.

The public is also invited to a "In Rehavya we founded and governed the state" guided tour: a walk from the National Institutions buildings, where the state-in-process came into being and was governed in its early days, to the neighborhood that was the hub of the governmental, cultural, legal and economical aristocracy of the state of Israel.

The guided tours will be led by KKL-JNF guides and will leave every round hour in the in the direction of Jerusalem's Rehavya and Talbieh neighborhoods. KKL-JNF Educational and Community Department Director Sar-Shalom Jerbi: "On the day that marks the liberation of Jerusalem, KKL-JNF invites the public to celebrate the reunification of the city with us. At this time, we especially want to connect and be connected to the city of Jerusalem, our eternal capital, which was not divided into different tribes, the city that connects all of Israel as friends."

The events will take place on May 10, 2021, between the hours of 11:00-15:00
Location: The National Institutions Plaza,1 HaKeren HaKayemeth LeIsrael St, Jerusalem.

Registration at the KKL-JNF Forest Hotline: 1-800-350-550